Thursday, 22 September 2016

Risk takers

Description: In the last 2 weeks some year 6s (Round 20 of us) have been working with the Poutama teachers and some teachers from Ashhurst school. We have been talking about risks. We had some things to order hardest to easiest. We came up with an action plan and we did it… now today we are teachers. We did the same thing but we tout the other kids in Poutama. 
There Emails:

Thank you for taking our group and helping us with strategies to help us not be as nervous  as we would be if you did not help us.

Hi Abby! Thanks for being Epic risk taking coach I'm really nervous about having to dance with a boy.
Regards, Emma

Hi Abigail

Phoebe here thanks so much for what you did with us today your the best, thanks you helped me understand it a lot, you don't need to work on anything.

Thank you Caitlin, Phoebe and Emma for working with me. You guys worked very well and I enjoyed every second!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Olympic Pop Art

Description: This term we did some fun pop art. We did an individual piece and one for buddy. This is my individual one. This was the time when the olympics was going on. We had to chose a sport and draw the symbol. I chose BMX biking because I love going off road and biking. We chose our colours and made a plan in one of our books. (I did my think book) After a bit we did a template then traced round on in on this card. Then we painted. This took me 2 days. The class got a bit more longer because I had other stuff to do. (Art mural, Ross Open day)
Here's my art.

Monday, 19 September 2016

ET Reo

Description: Week 7 & 8 we have been working on this Whakatauki. I did a lovely drawing and I've finished in 1 day. My big foucas that I don't usually do in drawings was shading. That was a big jump because that was probably my 2nd time doing shading in a drawing. Hope you guys like it!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Thursday Art With Suzanne

Description: CALENDAR ART!!! YAY! Every Thursday we have been doing art with Suzanne. We have been doing art for 7-8 weeks and I'm finished! We were inspired my Eric Carl. The drunken path patterns. First we made about 4 pages of little art. We had to either paint or draw patterns. I painted because it would be much quicker and I don't usually paint but I did a bit of drawing too. Lots of A's. One of the boring parts were drawing and cutting. We had to trace a stencil and cut it out. It was little squares with quarter circles. After that... THE FUN PART! Designing your art and trying out different things. This is my finished result. I love it! And I'm really happy I finished it in the time I was given. 7days. 
Feedback/Feedfoward: I really liked how it's quite dark and colourful in the dark colour range. Next maybe you could make it a little lighter coloured?
-Charlotte P

Evaluation: Thanks Charlotte! I was actually thinking of doing that but what if there's no "pop" into it? I think the Black and the A's Make it stand out from the other colours.

Monday, 5 September 2016

ET Reo

Description: This term, we are focusing on Whakatauki's. Whakatauki's are inspiring quotes. Our first Whakatauki was... He aha Te mea nui o Te au? He Tangata He Tangata He Tangata. The English translation of that would be... What is the most important thing in the world? The people the people the people. We decided to make a person, it didn't have to be our self. Mine... Was kind of me, Minecraft me! 

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think that you did a lot of learning around it. There is nothing you need to work on. Harriet (your BFF)

Evaluation: I think I've done good from the time I was given, but I think if I had more time I could have done better and added more detail.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Writing Term 3

Description: This term we have been busy! Writing! Poutama is split into 3 groups. For writing off corse!
Sometimes we do quick writes. We have been working on this big piece of writing for this term. Nic showed us a picture of this movie called Avatar. It was a creapy jungle. It was kind of over grown like no one has been there in 500000 years or something! I love this YouTuber called Aphmau. She does lots of fun roll plays and series. People also write fanfics! So, I decided to write this story about her. Some of it is true. Like... Zane likeing ponys, Aphmau being Lady Irean, Aphmau going to the Irean dimension and things like that. This book is called.... The Dark Dream. Aphmau FF. (FF stands for FanFic) Now... I wonder why it's called that ;) Heres my story! Enjoy! (Also there's a slide with lots of planing and other things)


Evaluation: I think I've improved my writing and my planing. Organizing our ideas is quite important! Like... You need to know a story line and whats the problem other wise you can't write a book! The thing that was challenging but made me feel happy was...One day, I was sick so i didn't get ANY writing or planing done :( The next day i came to school feeling better, but i had to catch up. I didn't know what to do but Harriet helped me! I didn't really understand the planing bit so she explained it clearly to me. Thanks Harriet!