Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rich task

Description: I worked with Maria for this rich task. We got emailed a poster with lots of questions and we had to solve it in our books. We used some cube blocks to help work it out.

Evaluation: Maria was a great driver for me. We worked well together and I think we could solve harder questions working as a mini group.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Maths test

Description: Last week we did a test. I did a stage six test and I'm "happy" with the results but I knew I could do a bit better. I got 52%. At least its better than 50%. I was a bit slow to start of with so maybe a could practice my speed.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Description: Today I'm going to talk about the "seed" part in Seed2Table. In Seed2Table we have 4 groups. Elly takes 2 for science and the parents take 2 groups for cooking. (of course we swap!) We had to plant some plants and we had to have 1 thing that was different. Emma and I worked together and we chose to keep the same amount of liquid different. Fizzy, water, tea etc;  Emma and I noticed there was no sprouts or anything coming out of our plant. It kind of felt like I was watering dirt. I wonder if chives takes longer to grow or that the seeds were at the bottom of the cup. Maybe it was sprouting but just in the dirt. I might have to dig the plant up and have a look.

Feedback/Feedforward: I love how you are telling us how it felt because some people don't know its just a nice thing for people to read. Next time you could tell us how you came up to this point and what you changed and kept the same. :P -Charlotte P

Evaluation: I think next time I should be with Emma when she planted the plant to make shore it wasn't at the bottom of the pot. Otherwise maybe we could try different seeds.

Writing. Dice game


Description: I've done lots of things this morning and I've got more to do. So far I've done.... Spelling, handwriting and science. I've got to do reading and writing until I can do some extensions.


Description: I've now done everything and it's time for some extensions. I've done a 3D modal of my minecraft skin on minecraft. Here it is. Is there anything I could make better or improve?

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Art with Eileen

Description: Today Eileen came in as a realever because Elly wasn't here. We did some lovely sharpie art. Instead of sharpies we did vivid but it still looks good. We did it about the weather. I did one windy day and one cupcake day. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Lego Maths Portfolio Piece

Description: Yesterday and today Emma and I have been working on this one thing. This one hard question. We used some material to help us and we got some help from Elly. 
 I got these fraction materials out. I got 2 1/4s, 3 1/10s and 1 1/5. I also got 1 whole and put them together. I cut it in half. So.... 1/4 + 1/4= 1/2. Now I have to work out the 1/10s. You've got to skip count or times to 150 because that's what were working towards. Then what is left you put onto the 1/5. That's how I worked it out.

Feedback/Feedfoward: i think you did do good working out the problem and you could make your description a bit longer. Harrier

Evaluation: I think i did well trying to solve the problem but maybe next time i cold try not to get help and try different strategies.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Japanese with Kelly

Description: Every Thursday afternoon after lunch, the year 6s do Japanese. Kelly comes in and teaches us lots of things. Here's my slides that you can look at.
We had to copy a whew slides of Kelly's real slide. On the slide we post things that we've done at home. We post home work and then Kelly can See what we've done at home. Ive done some homework in the past and on this slide YOU can check it out!

Feedback/Feedforward: that sounds awesome great job maybe next time you could do it without any help or something like that. Emma O😀

Evaluation: Learning a language is kind of hard. You have to fit all this big info in to your tiny brain. We are now learning how to write in Japanese. We have only started on the numbers to ten. It's "hard" and easy... And kinda confusing for me.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Maths week 3 16/5/16

Description: today I had a ELLY A workshop. I'm super proud of myself and Emma. Emma and I worked together and worked something out and got it right! The first time we didn't but the second time was harder and we got it! If you do the littlest fraction first it's more than likely that your going to get it right.
This is the first one we got wrong. The 1/4 are souposted to be 40g and the 1/10 is souposted to be 20g. 

Evaluation: now I know to work out the little fraction first.

Reading 1 workshop skimming

Skimming is when you try find the main idea or a answer in a bit of text. A stone can skim on water and keeps going until it's finished. We can skim by reading some of the text but not all of it.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Maths week 2 term 2 12/5/16

Description: today I did some book work with the NZCM6 book. I had to go to E learning buddies so I didn't get that much work done. When I came back I played a little fractions game.

Evaluation: I think I should do something a bit harder or work up to it. I should sit with nobody unless there drivers and help me other wise I can't get as much stuff done.

Seed to table week 1

Description: On Fridays we do seed to table. I think we have like 4or5 weeks of this program that starts at the start of the year. Seed to table is when you bake and do some gardening. At the end around 1 o'clock, it would be lunch time. We eat what we have made and just have a fun time.

Evaluation: next time a deal with dogh I wont touch it too much other wise it gets really sticky. Other wise I had loads of fun and im really looking forward to next week.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Maths week 2 term 2 9/5/16

Description: today I did something different. I still did fractions but I did some book work. I also had a work shop. In my workshop I we had a question. I worked with miko and Maria. We thought she had $10 left. Do you think that was right?!

Evaluation: So you ever have that feeling that you think that somethings wrong? I do. I might have too cheek my questions again.

Seed to table

Description: Seed to Table is baking and gardening. The science part is most likely gardening. Last week I worked with Elly first. (We swap so my group can also get some baking done too!) Emma and I are working on a little project. What will grow? Elly gave us a vivid and pice of paper to plan on. We're planing to give the plant the same amount of liquid but different type of liquid.
what do you think will help the plant grow?????

(Photo coming! hope Friday!)

Evaluation: I hope this goes really well. I predict the water will make it grow. (Obviously) Other wise i think the milk. I think fizzy will probably kill it on the first day.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Maths Week 2 term 1 10/5/16

Description: today I did some work from a book called NZCM 6. I did page 167 and 168. 

The number line was kind of hard at first but then when I got the hang of it I figured it out. Can you see what I did?

Evaluation: I think if I do more number lines it would become more easier for me next time. 

Monday, 9 May 2016


Description: Last week we did a hand writing sample. We had 5 minutes to do it. I finished it but my handwriting was kind of messy. I'm good at making shore people can read my writing.
We had 3 criterias to follow. 

Legible (so that others can read it)
Accurate (correct formation, placement and ...)

Evaluation: The letters kind of goes of the line. I think I shouldn't rush next time. I should think about what I'm writing and how. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Maths week 1 term 2 5/5/16

Description: today I did some different maths. I still did fractions but I worked out some Mixed Fractions Or Impropper fractions. I had to turn the mixed fractions into a Impropper fraction. They should have the same amounts of cuts in the pizzas.

I was trying to get a mixed fraction and turn it into a Impropper fraction.

Evaluation: it was kind of hard to turn them into a Impropper fraction. Can you find some more mixed fractions you can turn to Impropper??? I think after a few more days of work I will get the hang of it and get some more fractions done.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Maths week1 term2 work 4/5/16

Description: Today I made a show me. I made it with my BFF Maria. Hope you enjoy. http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=7PTwBwe did you learn something? I hope you did. I also found a new game. It's about balanceing fractions and seeing if there the same. Here's a link if you would like to try it. http://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/fraction-matcher/latest/fraction-matcher_en.html here's another link to another game called jelly slice. http://www.mathplayground.com/mobile_jellyslice/index.html

Evaluation: I thought that if I do make show me videos in the future (which I will) I would make them like little snip it's and make it fast and quick. I might make videos with different levels and what there about. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Maths week 1 term 2 work 3/5/16

Description: I Just finished the question that i didn't finish yesterday. I also did a another question to help me practice and I think I nailed it! Maybe I'll have to comeback to it once I forget. Or if I forget. Anyway, I now know what the 3 fractions are called. 3/5 proper 5/2 improper 2  1/3 mixed. I kind of forgot that. I knew that I knew it but it was at the back of my head. That's why you have to practice and come back to things to keep it in the front of your head. 

In our work shop we talked about ordering fractions.

Evaluation: once again like I said, I have practiced again on adding my proper fractions. Now I think I've gotten a lot better in just two days! Maybe one more day? I'll think about that. It is good to learn new things so tomorrow I will do something different.

Sarah Platt art

Description: we had to do some art with our buddie class last term. The little squares came from a big pice of paper that was cut up in to little squares that had numbers on the back so we didn't lose it.  We had a little square to enlarge by drawing it out then making it colourful by using paints,pastels,coloured pencils,dye and collage.
Evaluation: Working with my buddie was ok. She only did a tiny bit on the draft and like none on the real thing. Well she did a bit but not a lot. The other hard part was she was sick most of the time so I had to do it all my self. I think I improved on my art skills by working with different materials. On my square my buddie and I decided to use paint, watercolour and pencil which we did. The whole art looks amazing. I know to some people it doesn't look perfect but I like it.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Maths week 1 term 2 Knowledge+workshop 2/5/16

Description: Today in maths I did some fractions. We have this knowledge sheet on this app called docs. I chose this. Read/Write and Say unit fractions e.g. ⅕, ⅓ , ⅙ Learn it, Practice it
Where it says learn it, practice it is normally a link. On that link it came up with some questions and other things. 

On my iPad I used an app to help me work it out. You can probably see my work. Then after that I had a work shop. At a work shop you work in a group with a teacher. We talked about different fractions and how they where different. 

There's a problem I didn't quite finish but I was wondering if you guys could work it out. Here's the question.

What's the fraction? 

Evaluation: I kind of thought fractions where hard and scary. But really there not. Ok... Sometimes they are. I wanted to try give my self a challenge and see what I could do and couldn't. So that's why is did Read/Write and Say unit fractions e.g. ⅕, ⅓ , ⅙.  I kind of smashed it but maybe one or two more days and I could do it faster to be knowledge. 

Term 2 Lables

These are our Lables for term 2.