Friday, 4 December 2015

Follow up week 8

How effective is the author’s description of the Mountain Beast? (Pg.123) it can paint a picture n your mined. Maybe the arthor could explain what it dose. Like how it moves

What images do you get in your head? This dark creature living in a deep dark cave. The legs ang feet are covered in a mixere of dark green ang a swampy moldey green ang lots of more greens. Short twisted horns.

What issues are raised about animals in captivity in the real world in this last chapter? They can get sick, by eating the wrong thing.

What is your stance on these issues? Anamails are getting instinked.

How does the author use the incident in the lake to surprise the reader? It didn't talk about the kingdom until after they crossed the river. It was like the story was going on and you would ecxpect them to go somewhere else but then it was kind of a surprise for me because it just said they arived at the kingdom.