Friday, 25 September 2015

Tic tac toe

Description: Monday to Thursday we do literacy. On Monday we plan what we are going to do. We have to book two work shops and we go on to this document on the iPad or computer and have a look at what tic tac toes we would like to do. Here's my tic tac toe I have done! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Te Reo portfolio sample

Description: Every Monday afternoon we do Te Reo. Not every one in Poutama does Te Reo. If you don't do Te Reo you do kapa haka and if you don't do Kapa haka you do Te Reo. At the start of the term you get to choose what group your in but once your in Kapa haka your in. You can't just say oh today I'm going to do Kapa haka and next week I'm going to do Te Reo! Anyway in Te Reo we learn the Maori  language.
Here is the poster that Devin and I made.

Big idea: you might remember last term we did a movie about food. Now this term we are doing it about the body parts. We drew a person then labled all the body parts in English then we searched the Maori body parts and labled them by the English words.

Feedback/feedforawd: I think that you and Devin done a good job at the poster and next time can you please change the writing cos I can't read some of the words : ) from naomi

Evaluation: it's cool how every term we change focases like last term we did food and this term we did body parts. My challenge is to try to remember 3 body parts in Maori because I forget Easley. Next time I make a poster I might change the colour of the words or if I'm working with Devin again I might tell her to change the colour. 

Our puppet palls movies about this book we read in a workshop

Here are two links to your awesome videos we made. They where follow ups from our workshop.
First video
Second video

Passion protect term 3

WALT use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups

MY PASSION PROJECT INQUIRY IS… saving the animals for the SPCA (raising money for the SPCA so they can buy toys and food and nice warm blankets for the animals) 

Description: I wanted to save the animals and buddied up with Devin, Sophie, Olivia and the SPCA cupcake crew and made loads of cupcakes in school time. We also decorated them! We sold the cupcakes we made and gave the money to the SPCA. Some people even made some cupcakes and gave them to us to sell! In total we raised $840 dollars!!! :) 

Big idea: a passion project is when your passionate about something and bring it to life this term I worked with Devin again and Olivia F. My main passion is baking but I know next term I will be really interested in something else because minds change.

Evaluation: next time I think there should be lines because this year every one was crowding around.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths portfolio sample

Description: Monday to Thursday we do maths after brunch. (Morning tea) We do matinance in groups.    There are 3 groups. I think Ellys doing stage 5, troys doing late stage 6 wich means there really close to be doing stage 7. Some of them are on stage 7. And Kate's doing early stage 6 wich means you just moved on to stage 6 or something else. After that we move on and we do independent learning. We have a book with lots of questions and then we have to answer them in our real maths book. If you are not doing your independent learning you will be in a work shop.

Here are some of the work I have done in a work shop. 

Big idea: You might see every one of them ether says.. KF or PV I can explained that! PVP means place value patisaning. That means when you have a big number you split the numbers up that you can work with. KF means Known Facts. That means you use the facts you already know. 

Feedback/feedfoward: I think you do a good job at PVP. I think you could improve on known facts because there are a lot of scribbles so maybe you rethinked your answer but other than that I think you did a good job. From Zara 

Evaluation: I think I'm good at rounding and compensating but I think I could work on Known Facts a bit more. I dont use that strategie a lot and i want to get used to it and also use that stratigie when I'm working a problem out.